1-8 victory to Ipswich U18 against Basildon

Ipswich U18 team fought a hard battle last night at Basildon but left the game victors. Ipswich didn't look in top form but Basildon strength across their side were forcing Ipswich to work hard for every goal. Eventually we ground down the opposition goal by goal after only leading 0-1 in the first quarter.

Some spells of magnificence interspersed with poor passing and  The saving grace was our defending was superb saving our turnovers in attack becoming conceded goals in defence. Great work in the end. Well done to the guys who showed Ipswich dominance at this age group is fully justified and well deserved.

Goals Scorer:
Watts 3
Poole 2
O'Donoghue 1
Parnell 1
K Harris 1

Man of the Match, Tom Mills