If your updating or making a Will why not consider leaving a gift to TeamIpswich Water Polo.
We are all passionate about our club and the sport of water polo.
Any donation received would help ensure the development of water polo within the club.
For example a trophy in your name would offer you a legacy and/or a large sum of money would help the progress of our junior and senior sections for years to come. 
There are three ways to leave a gift to TeamIpswich Water Polo in your Will.
1)  A share of your estate
After you have provided for your family and friends, you can leave a share, or the remainder of your estate to help a club like us.  It’s known as a “residual gift” and because it is less likely to be affected by inflation it’s the most valuable way to give.
2)  A gift of money
You can also leave a specific amount of money. This is known as a “pecuniary gift”
3)  A specific gift
If you prefer, you can leave a “specific gift”. For example, this could be stocks or shares or a trophy.