TeamIpswich Mini Water Polo squad meets on Sundays, meets on Sundays, 6pm to 7:15pm, at Crown Pools

The target group are the under 14 year olds, boys and girls, who are encouraged to keep fit and active while being part of a team and having fun swimming. The aim is to develop skills and water polo abilities. Although this is a new squad, some youngsters have already moved on to play for the club's competitive junior sides.

The cost is  £25 per month.

Note: Membership to the ASA is required as well as membership and squad fees for Team Ipswich Water Polo

Thinking of Joining?

Ipswich Water Polo have a thriving junior section and we welcome new members all the time. Ideal minimum age is approximately 9 years old with good swimming ability (swimming ability is more important than age). Minimum swimming requirement is 100M continuous front crawl and 50M back stroke and breast stroke. Ideally they will play team sports already, but not essential. Sunday evening sessions are the best time to come for new starters (6pm to 7.15pm). No previous experience of water polo is required.

Junior Captain's Report - by Brian Poole

Team Ipswich Water Polo Junior Squads win Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 Leagues

It is extremely satisfying for me to see our Juniors finishing the 2014 season at the top of all three age group leagues in our Eastern Water Polo League. This is a fantastic achievement and one they and you should all be so proud of!!

The effort the players put in at training, the discipline they show, how competitive they are and their desire to win, all contribute to our monumental success at the club. For us as coaches we can see the rewards for our efforts and the rewards in recognition that the players are getting nationally.

Also our efforts are not just focussed on local leagues either - the juniors are provided with opportunities and encouragement to work their talents wider and get involved in regional teams, county teams, national league teams and talent development through RTC and NTC (national) frameworks including Millfield summer camp. Some of this isn't mentioned much but shouldn't go unnoticed as it takes support from parents to deliver players to pools, take time out of their weekends and of course the costs of doing all this.
So to just list those extra bits as a yearly wrap up to give you all some context as to what has gone on this year and who has been involved ( I hope I haven't missed anyone or any competitions).

ASA Regional Championships (national competition)

East Region Girls ('97s): Poppy Mayall, Dawn Poole (C), Meg Wall Peters, Eve Poole, Rohan Etchingham
East Region Boys ('99s): Brad Watts, Finlay Parnell, Kieran Harris
East Region Boys ('97s): James Poole, Ben Clarke
East Region Girls ('01s): Eve Poole, Poppy Mayall (C), Meg Wall Peters, Ella Ward (WINNERS!)
East Region Boys ('01s): Dan Harris (C)

ASA Inter-Counties

Suffolk Girls ('98s): Dawn Poole (C), Poppy Mayall, Eve Poole, Rohan Etchingham, Faye Poole, Meg Wall Peters
Suffolk Boys ('98s): Brad Watts, James Poole, Kieran Harris, Tomas Gould, Sebastijan Smith, Dan Harris, Finlay Parnell, Tom Mills,

ASA National Age Groups competition:

Chelmsford ('98s): Tom Mills, James Poole, Brad Watts, Conor O'Donaghue, Tomas Gould (r)
Chelmsford ('96s): Ben Clarke, Ollie Ward

London League:

Chelmsford ('01s): Leon Norte- Clarke, Jude Courtney, Dan Harris
Iceni (Ladies): Meg Wall Peters, Dawn Poole, Eve Poole, Rohan Etchingham, Poppy Mayall

British Water Polo League:

Iceni (Ladies): Meg Wall Peters, Dawn Poole, Eve Poole, Rohan Etchingham, Poppy Mayall
Basildon (Mens): James Poole

Great Britain National Training Camps (2014):

Bradley Watts, Finlay Parnell, Dawn Poole, Poppy Mayall
(May be these plus more in 2015!)

Suffolk RTC: lots of people!
Essex RTC: Finlay Parnell, Dan Harris, Tom Gould